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Last week we headed to Ibiza for our babymoon. Babymoon is probably a loose term since we were staying with friends and actually were on the go the entire time we were there. But nonetheless, as I move into my third trimester, it’s the last time we envisage escaping to salty shores for the foreseeable future whilst we have bigger things on the horizon. (We’re looking at more low-key, going-off-grid options in the UK for the rest of the summer to lap up the eternal heatwave – any suggestions welcome!)

I wasn’t initially going to cover this on my blog since it was for the most part a non-working trip, but it’s such a hotspot and a few of you heading off to the island in August and September have got in touch to ask for recommendations – and seeing as we ended up exploring so much I have plenty to share. I’m putting together a post of the restaurants we visited too but, for now, here’s a lowdown on the beaches we went to (part 1!):

Cala d’Hort

Nestled in the South of the island, Cala d'Hort was one of our favourite beaches and the best place for swimming. The clear, warm, turquoise water combined with the magical and calming view of the mighty Es Vedra drew us back for a second visit – one of the few beaches we returned to. Must be something to do with the fact it's the third most magnetic point on the planet. It has a couple of beachside restaurants and a boutique too.

Cala Xuclar

This is a tiny, unspoilt cove in the less-busy north of the island, with a more in-the-know feel about it. It isn't about the glossy, sceney lifestyle here, rather relishing a rustic slice of natural beauty. A rickety beach shack restaurant with an easy charm serves the freshest fish we experienced on the island. (FYI you pay with cash only here as there's no phone signal and booking in advance is necessary.)

Sa Caleta

Our local beach in the south of the island and ridiculously one we didn't visit for about four days of arriving. This is a pretty cove lined by dramatic red cliffs. There's a brilliant restaurant with a friendly ginger cat and adjoining canopied garden where we tucked into fresh sea bass. The beach isn't hugely sandy but Olly still found a good sunbathing spot whilst I got comfortable with a book on an outdoor sofa in the shady garden.

Cala Vadella

Enjoy an amazing boat-strewn seascape as you wind down to this sandy beach situated on the west of the island, with a few of boutiques and restaurants lining the edge. It was quite busy when we were there so we only stayed for a walk along the seafront before our inner explorers moved us on (it was day one and we were desperate to know what else was around the corner). Given it's location it's meant to be a killer sunset viewing spot too.

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