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A few people have been asking about these jeans recently – they're a couple of years old with the bottoms hacked off by me. Though, whilst I've been browsing for ready-made or ready-to-be-customised alternatives, I've actually stumbled across the link as it looks like they're now being stocked on ASOS – they're the Elly straight leg jeans by Lee. They really do offer the perfect blank canvas for your own handiwork and have been my favourite pair for a while now. They're available in dark blue too.

In case the Elly are not what you're looking for but you're still after some distressed denim, I've linked below a selection of ready-made frayed hem alternatives, as well as a few you can take the scissors to yourself to do your worst.

Try the jeans on with various pairs of sneakers and boots before you actually take the plunge – take it from me, it's so frustrating when you wreck a pair through impatience. Go gradually – you can always cut more off but can't stick it back on!

Raw hems:

Some good shapes for you to customise yourself:

Red faux fur jacket | Sezane – I can't see it on the site but have linked a few other great faux furs



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