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Following on from this post, I've now received photos back from our lifestyle shoot with Rosewood London last month – and they're case in point that location is everything when it comes to getting that great shot. Luna and I were treated to a day living the lavish Rosewood lifestyle with a brilliant team who'd come over from NYC. Think mid-afternoon wine and eccentrically British, multiple-course towering teas. Hedonism at its finest.

So here we give you vast roof terraces and slick suites; rainbow-coloured sandwiches and artist-inspired cakes; and monumental backdrops of London casually built into the shots the Rosewood way.

Images for Rosewood London. Shot by Daniela Spector.


Covering life and style in London, reviewing dog-friendly travel 

with my miniature schnauzer Luna and interviewing influential movers and shakers. Formerly Vogue + Tatler.

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