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Summer's glory days may be heading into their latter stages but I, probably foolishly, am still lamenting the wonders of a fair weather wardrobe and even, on occasion, still adding to it. The deal is these newbies late to the summer party need to still be put to work once the mercury drops. And I think a slip dress straddles that season change pretty perfectly. A shimmering pink babydoll silk slip was more than I could resist, and it just so happens I'm a fan of layering over a polo neck as well (shout out to last October's fringe in this post too).

But for now, with what looks to be the better half of August AND September still yet to unfold, I won't be acting too hastily in waving off summer yet.

PS Did anyone else watch the meteor shower at the weekend? Unbeknown to us as we spent the weekend Cotswolds-based with friends, we admired scores of shooting stars away from the light-polluted big smoke. It's hard to beat moments like that. Long live the summer.



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