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I first met jewellery designer Daisy Knights on the SeaCat over to the Isle of Wight when I was 18. My friend Phoebe and I were sitting next to her, got chatting and were struck by her insane collection of rings, which she then told us she made. And so the start of over a decade of fan-girling began.

The name remained firmly on my radar after crossing the Solent together that day and around five years later I interviewed her for We loosely kept in touch over social media and a few years ago Daisy invited me to LFW where I ended up hanging out with her most days. Her strong, simple designs – think sharks, cacti, feathers and skulls – have been a regular fixture on my wrists, neck and fingers ever since. Last month she embarked on a whole new venture through her sustainable apparel line, featuring organic cotton and bamboo t-shirts and shirts. Which she's also juggling with being a new Mum...

Perhaps design crush should be a new regular feature...?


Covering life and style in London, reviewing dog-friendly travel 

with my miniature schnauzer Luna and interviewing influential movers and shakers. Formerly Vogue + Tatler.

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