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The power of a good shirt has never been something in question, but it's proving its versatility more than ever right now.

Shirting is an arena that enjoys borrowing from the boys, the recent spawn of portmanteau-wielding offspring in the shape of shackets, and now the deconstructed shirt (i.e. wear it backwards/back-to-front/upside down) is relishing its moment in the limelight.

Rolled up sleeves, hand-covering cuffs. A bikini cover-up, a formal fixer-upper. Buttoned to the neck, open to the tummy-button. I'm now wondering why I own anything other than shirts.

As more and more options pop up on the highstreet, I've trawled the internet for a few of the billions of options out there helping up our shirting game.

Images by Nick Howard-Lanes

[Shirts by Beulah London, jeans by Lee (customised by me), black trousers by H&M, shoes by Zara]


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