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The second and final instalment from our trip up to Norfolk (see the first here, including the candy-coloured beach huts of Wells beach, where All Saints shot their Pure Shores video) – to go off grid for a few days after burning ourselves out in the big smoke – I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with this feeling. This was designed to be a peaceful escape with no one but Olly and Luna for company. We love travelling to far-flung sandy islands as much as the next person, but we're just as excited to scout out the wonders that are right on our doorstep. And Norfolk is an old friend for us. A home-from-home.

Despite being regulars to this neck of the woods there is plenty of coastline we were yet to discover, including venturing further afield for seal-spotting at Blakeney Point. But one thing that will never grow old for us are the sunsets over the marshes. Pictures can in no way do justice to the tranquility that falls across them at dusk, but it's honestly the most soul-soothing experience.

During our stay we also indulged in dinner at The Hero in Burnham Overy Staithe – nothing like dressed crab by the sea – daily beach walks, a couple of knock ups on the tennis courts (turns out this was a perfect undiscovered way for us to exercise Luna without moving much ourselves), made trips to Thornham Deli and The Hoste, a round of golf for Olly while I curled up with a book... basically all the things you always say you'd do if you had more time.

It makes me happy how comfy the guys at the back look

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