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Declaring shorts season (and crop tops apparently) officially open. Time to shed the sleeves and socks too and make way for skirt slits, cat-eye glasses and various areas of sun-starved skin.

Here’s to breathing new life into old favs with a sparkly sneaker update, a ring-bearing bag, a pearl-encrusted slide… High low dressing is something that I really love. Just like the concept behind blogging, seeing how someone wears it on the street (as opposed to in supercharged editorials with lashings of couture – though I believe there will always be a place for this too) makes it more relatable. It also makes those special pieces all that more special and keeps angry calls from bank managers after draining your account at bay.

But first getting the failsafe staples in order. The wardrobe lynchpins that provide the platform to these show-boaters… brilliant basics with a side of high-fashion.

My new schlepping around town go-to is a suit and shirt. (The schleppy version of). The shorts are a game-changer – unbelievably comfortable and don’t pinch anywhere. And whilst I’d normally find my best denim shorts existed in a previous life as a pair of my jeans, these come ready-made. The jacket (borrowed from the boys) had been relegated to the outgoing pile but, since a few sleeve turn-ups and helping to balance out a slightly too-short summer dress, it’s been the perfect tool that keeps coming in to play time and again. Needless to say it’s been firmly welcomed back in to the wardrobe to jostle for space once again.

The aforementioned crop top really won its place for its crochet qualities. Wear-your-crop-top-to-work day felt a bit inappropriate in the city but out it came all the same. Whilst it would probably feel more at home somewhere sandy, hopefully inhibitions will have subsided by July. (Why is it this feels more exposing than a bikini?)

And finally peeling off shorts/trousers and getting girly as my love affair with the dress continues. Teaming it with white kicks (though note these are an updated, blingier set of wheels), I appreciate this is all very ‘day’, but this is a dress that has the power to play it both ways. I picture this as a go-to for going out to dinner on holiday, exposing sun-kissed shoulders. While the cold shoulder isn’t a new thing, it’s a small tweak to a dress or top that carries such a transformative power.

In collaboration with Superdry. All opinions and styling my own.



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