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Why does it feel like we were crawling towards this Bank Holiday all week when we were spoilt with one (ok, two) just last week? Although maybe that's something we can get used to if we see a Labour government come June.

For me this break wasn't able to come soon enough. Mostly because it's more than just an extra day off for us – this is a week-long check out and with it comes salty sea walks on mammoth beaches, lazy lie-ins and a much-needed mind refresh as we leave the capital and head up to our Norfolk home-from-home, Brancaster. Obviously a dose of sunshine would be a welcome addition to the week (sleep and sunshine = my fastest healers) but we know all too well this is never a guarantee during a humble staycation on British shores. Having said that this part of the country has been known to operate under its own microclimate so I still hold faith it might deliver for us.

Posts will be going live as usual during this time. Check back in on Wednesday for a special project I shot a couple of weeks ago.

PS Everything bar the denim jacket has gone into the sale since I shot it last week... links below X


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