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The romantic notion of fresh flowers in your hair is a concept that will never wear thin with me. You only need to look at our wedding photos to see the massive Midsummer Night's Dream influence – anything wild, undone and even festival-inspired is absolutely my jam.

So I was only too thrilled to head over to Old Spitalfield's Market on Wednesday morning to flex my creative crown-making muscles with floristry gurus Wildabout. Despite being based firmly West, I've been heading East more regularly recently and am really enjoying it – it's easy to forget the incredible diversity London life has to offer (Spitalfield's being a prime example) and I intend to become a bit more of a tourist in my own city again. But back to Wildabout, who are hosting a series of workshops in their Old Spitalfield's pop-up to celebrate Mother's Day. And above is the result of what we got up to during ours.

I gravitated towards my usual gypsophila – I think sprucing up your garland with lots of waify, cloud-like baby's breath is a failsafe formula, especially since I've learnt in my limited flower crown-crafting career that overburdening it with weighty peonies means struggling to keep it from from falling round your neck. Punctuating it with small pale pink roses may have resulted in something that would be more suited to a five-year-old flower girl but it made me happy. And so me and my bridesmaid-worthy head garland jumped in a taxi to cross back across the capital. All-dressed-up-with-no-where-to-go (no where flower crown appropriate that is, not a total loser).

Eying up the cacti collection – a true home office favourite – on the Wildabout stand

So, if you haven't already made plans this weekend (my small percentage of boy readers, I'm looking at you) why not head over for a workshop with your Mum? Then go and get stuck in to all the Old Spitalfield's shopping/restaurants/bars to toast your creative skills.


WILDABOUT X OLD SPITALFIELD'S MARKET SATURDAY 25TH MARCH 11AM | Flower Bouquet Workshop £60 per person (approx. 45 mins)

SUNDAY 26TH MARCH 11AM | Flower Bouquet Workshop £60 per person (approx. 45 mins)

PS The team are so nice I'm sure they'd be happy to show you how to make a crown if you'd rather (or just go and check out the beautiful stand and buy something ready-made by the experts – totally acceptable too). Enjoy!

In collaboration with Old Spitalfield's Market.


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