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Seriously excited about more spring shoots in my new hood if it's going to look like this... thank you to the weather gods for throwing sunshine down on shoot day...

The shacket (which took hold last season though I don't remember it having this name then) might not be a forever piece, but certainly comes into its own for trans-seasonal, layers dressing. But what makes me happiest about this ensemble is camouflage and baby pink making the unlikeliest but happiest of bedfellows. I currently have a real thing for both the ultimate man print and every little girl's favourite colour and it turns out that they kind of like each other too. The jumper was described as 'candy-floss' and 'sweet' by the shop assistant when I took it up to the till (which could potentially make me want to do a 180 and put it back on the shelf), but toughening and roughening it up with some failsafe-90s-the-Appleton-sisters-would-be-proud-of-it camo seems to have done just the trick.

PS All talk may have been about the Eighties redux this Fashion Month, but I still can't shake the enduring allure of the Seventies. Flares forever.



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