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JW Anderson's Pierce Bag, Realisation Par dresses and Gucci loafers all competed for the most coveted, Instagrammed hero pieces of 2016. And each one is proving its staying power.

Gucci is once again leading the charge, this time with super brands blazoned across our chests. There is no need to proceed cautiously here: the bigger, brasher and more bad-taste the better. These aren't totally unchartered waters for me, rather a hazy flashback to my early teens where it was a constant toss-up between two navy tees – one with the unmistakable Roxy emblem the other the word Billabong spelt out in eye-popping glitter.

But if you don't have £300 odd to splash out on Gucci's, here are some other two-figure options that tick all the boxes:

And when it comes to key players in the wheels department, there’s nothing like the humble ankle boot to take a statement turn. Heavy metal must-haves are still reigning supreme and my fondness for these shiny customers continues to grow (hint: there is some rose-gold stored away in my cupboard as I wait for temperatures to rise).



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