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Yes, it was freezing on this particular shoot day ('pretend you're back in Antigua'), but in the name of looking forwards I decided to brave the cold – after all, spring is only next month. The March issues are lining newsstands (summer's answer to the September issue) with optimistic fashion forecasts for the new season. Plus my winter coat rotation is frankly done to death now. Time to hit refresh.

And looking forwards this time meant embracing bare legs (brrr) and colour. It's safe to say frills are having a moment. The shop floors are awash with flouncy detailing – taking note to hotfoot it over to Topshop and stock up on these – from bell-sleeves (the bigger the flare the better) to ruched collars and extravagant shoulders. And this new feminine take on day-to-day basics is a trend I can get on board with.

Re the dress, I'm not usually a bodycon kind of girl but have always enjoyed rummaging through the rails in Massimo and thought I would road test this stretchy customer.



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