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In the West household, the Hush catalogue can usually be found on the kitchen table, by the bath or – in the summer – near a deckchair, ready for me, my mum and my sister to mentally store wishlists or fold down corners of well-pawed pages. So I didn't need to be asked twice when the Hush team asked me to pick an edit of their ultra cosy winter collection. And, despite a rep for slow decision-making, it was only a matter of minutes (I swear) before I jumped at this gorgeous Etoile jumper.

On its first outing at a Christmas lunch this week it was happily mistaken for an Isabel Marant by some lovely blogger friends (I’m looking at you Anneli, Monikh and Christina – fanks). And while pondering over what was appropriate attire for a Kensington carol service later that evening, I decided it would do the job for that too. It can also play the role of Christmas jumper. Or not. This guy seems to be ticking all the boxes right now and making getting dressed as easy as pie.

Coat | Les 100 Ciels

Bag | Kalamarie

Jeans | Lee

Beanie | Amelia Jane London

High-tops | Custom Converse


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