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As far as a day-to-day London uniform goes, a silk shirt, pair of jeans and black ankle boots are par for the course. There's no beating luxe staples like this, but it's the little details that really do the talking.

Enter Hesper Fox's LUNA (anything with that name and I'm sold) shirt. The slinky offerings on the site span from shorts and slips to robes, and this particular shirt is actually part of a decadent two-piece pyjama set. If you follow me on Instagram, the eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted I wore the pyjama bottoms to a couple of weddings over the summer, teamed with a cold shoulder lace top, which was probably my favourite wedding outfit to date. I love the flashes on electric green, the uber-wide sleeves and the bib and shoulder-covering print. Just a short browse of their site might make it a dangerous 'Add-to-Shopping-Basket' kind of day. Be warned...

And while we're on the subject of luxe basics, the Fairfax & Favor Chelsea boots I'm wearing have both that hard-to-find perfect shaped toe AND are walk-in-them-for-miles comfy. I definitely recommend checking them out.

Shirt | Hesper Fox

Jeans | Lee Jeans

Boots | Fairfax & Favor

Bag | Aurora London

Sunglasses | Bailey Nelson


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