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So simple you wonder why it isn't done more often, those are the best kind of designs. And for me the resurgence of the knot trend was a firm favourite this year. So much so even my bridesmaids wore knotted dresses at our wedding this July. So when I was browsing the latest collection to drop at Zara recently, I made a beeline for this crisp, white cotton blouse, thanks to its clean collarless boatneck and off-centre waist knot. Pretty. I actually wasn't expecting the Japanese-style embroidery when I turned it over, but decided I could work with it and in the end rather loved it. Plus a special mention must go to the extra long sleeves, my favourite kind, channelling teenage angst.

And fresh once again from the Seventies archive, the trusty flared silhouette continues to take centre stage. Forget a gentle bootleg, I'm talking bell-bottom, boot-covering and (happily) leg-lengthening. And my goodness they're comfortable.

And so, with a nod towards the embroidery trend, it was down to the tailoring to do the talking for the rest of this look.

Trousers | MiH Jeans

Knot top | Zara

Bag | Baraboux

Shoes | Dune

Sunglasses | Persol



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