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You're right to listen to those alarm bells sounding at the mention of a slip dress – I've found that the vast majority of these slinky customers are not my friend. But when done right they look amazing, as proven by the many stylish snaps splashed across the bloggersphere and pages of Vogue (something the two can agree on). This justified the effort of trying and rejecting several contenders before eventually settling on this navy number by Selected Femme.

I'd made a conscious decision to avoid black at all costs since it nodded more towards negligee than felt appropriate. But it was the length I kept going wrong on – lowering the hemline is key for this lingerie trend. The side-slit helps soften any hard lines and the touch and look of this particular silk slip is heaven. (I needed four attempts to conquer the complicated cats cradle spaghetti strap situation at the back.) Keeping the whole thing casual with trusty high-tops is generally a fail-safe I revert to. Dipping that first tentative toe into slip territory isn't such a bad idea in the colder months, since layering can help them be more forgiving than a body-skimming-nothing-underneath summer version.

PS I got bangs. I've noticed a couple of my friends got fringes after their wedding, since as a bride-to-be you're restricted from doing anything off-beat/risky beforehand. Introducing the care-free ways of married life!

(flashing my photographer some cheeky leg)

Slip | Selected Femme

Belt | Gucci

Polo Neck | Uniqlo

High-tops | Converse

Bag | Kate Spade New York

Sunglasses | Bailey Nelson

Necklace | Katie Rowland

Bracelets | Whistles & Sofia Ramsay



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