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As summer momentum slows almost to a halt there’s still a window to eke out the last of our tans before banishing skin underneath multiple layers for the foreseeable future. A skirt/jumper or jeans/t-shirt combo may not be ground-breaking formulas (formulae?) but who says they needs to be for day-to-day down-dressing? To make your wardrobe – and hard-earned cash – work that bit harder, there’s nothing like investing in a handful of trend-resilient basics to re-work into outfits.

And the revival of the iconic mini skirt is a trend I’m fully on board with. In my teens I wore a stretch, khaki Miss Sixty one akin to a belt – in-built knickers included – for virtually an entire summer. Since I’m now in my late twenties, hemlines need to drop a few inches lower. Unwritten rules of the mini skirt game for me include avoiding heels at all costs (a low-heeled boot is acceptable, a stiletto is not) and wearing something loose/covered up on top – it's all about balance. I originally paired this with Chelsea boots but switched for sneaks – I'm powerless before a pair of high-tops with a stash that continues to grow.

So, back to basics – which incidentally make the happiest of bedfellows with a mini. I think the little details often say enough – a subtle sleeve slit, a satisfying round neck, a two-toned bag – without shouting.

Skirt | Topshop

Jumper | Gap

Sneakers | Converse

Bag | Bench Bags

Sunglasses | Spitfire



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