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Skincare heroes I've been swearing by of late...

Bobbi Brown Face Tonic | I came across this during bridal makeup trials. I have dry skin and didn't want to attempt to combat it via thicker moisturisers or overusing face oils. Enter Bobbi Brown's face tonic which has been a long-searched-for solution to help add that extra moisture boost. I LOVE it. Plus it feels great to put on – keep it in the fridge for an ultimate soothe

Liz Earle Eye Cream | Now in my late twenties it's time to use an eye cream. This one by Liz Earle was recommended by a friend and has been great so far, though I occasionally feel tightness around my eye directly after applying. I'm guessing it's just doing its job!

Skinfix Body Moisturiser | The virtually empty bottle says it all. This has been a go-to all summer. It's specially formulated for sensitive, irritated skin but works just as well if you don't suffer from this

La Roche Posay Eye Makeup Remover | I've used this brand for years for their face wash, but have recently discovered the eye makeup remover too. I'm super critical of eye makeup removers and can't bear any kind of scrubbing around the delicate eye area. No such scrubbing is needed with this and it now comes with me everywhere

I'm on the hunt for a new moisturiser having not been bowled over by my current one (overpriced and seems to go down far too quickly – they're not all good!). Since being introduced to Aerin back at the start of this year at a lunch hosted by uni pal and brilliant blogger Lucy I've been converted. The latest range to be added to their spectacular line-up of lotions and potions is the Rose Collection. And isn't a bit of bubblegum pink just what we need to brighten up our dressing tables this winter?

Rose Hand & Body Cream | I can virtually survive without hand cream all summer (other than the occasional hard water dousing from London taps which leaves hands hankering for a moisture burst) but, come winter, this stuff comes into its own. It's lovely and lightweight so you can slather it on liberally

Rose Gentle Cleanser | Rids of grimy build-up without persistent scrubbing

Rose Table Night Cream | A saviour in the upcoming months of central heating since this is designed to tackle dryness and drench skin with much-needed moisture. I've only just started using it so will keep you posted

On a side note re bathroom/dressing table organisation, soul-soothing Diptyque candles needn't be destined for the bin once they've burnt out – give the votive a clean and keep them for storing brushes/mascara etc.

Bathmat | Anthropologie

Evil-Eye Candle | Casa Carta



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