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On the Easter Bank Holiday weekend three years ago, it was Pinterest's scrollable grids of clean white walls and minimal furniture that inspired me to spend four straight days dousing my walls at home in Skimming Stone Grey, covering up the marks and chips created by years of animal posters – and later photos of teenage house parties – being plastered all over my room. And I'm grateful for it every time I'm back in Sussex. There's nothing like a good zen den for banking the zeds.

We spent many a late night with paint brush in one hand, pizza in the other, coating the walls in our new flat before we moved in. And the fun really starts when it comes to choosing the furniture. Whilst I'm not known for quick decision-making, we knew we were in the right place with Loaf (plus the new Battersea showroom is dog-friendly which is a massive thumbs up in our book). While I could have happily ended up with any one of their beautiful beds, Olly – with slightly stronger decision-making skills – quickly whittled it down. Rattan headboards – which I love – were vetoed for being too girly and, due to the fact we wanted to have our headboard in front of the window, we limited the height to around a metre. The Loaf team even had a colour swatch of our paint to hold up against the bed.

And so it was the Darcy bed that came to live with us. Which has made getting into bed all the more exciting.

Bed | Darcy by Loaf (not including mattress)

Linen | Yves Delorme


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