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A little less fashion and lifestyle this time and more beauty and grooming... for puppies...

Luna went for her first haircut this week at Waggin' Tails on the Fulham Road and I couldn't resist the opportunity to go in and take a few pictures while she was there.

Grooming team Lulu and Christian clearly love the dogs. As I walked in one was wagging his tail as he stood on the table being preened and pampered. Another, less keen, was washed, cut and ready to go home and making wishful eye gestures at his lead every time I looked over. Luna was welcomed to the Waggin’ Tail fold and quickly became ‘sweetie’, and got plenty of reassuring kisses. After a quick round of having her toe nails cut and barely batting an eyelid, she was bathed twice with the help of a pink poof and then faced the hairdryer - something she's never been a big fan of when I have it on at home. Still not a massive fan but the challenge was overcome and it was onto the grooming table for a brush, trim and style as she gazed around the room taking it all in. The film and photos below say it all.

And with her smart new blowdry she was set for a three-night stay in Devon with friends... and dressing up for Halloween...

Waggin' Tails, 366 Fulham Rd, London SW10 9UU


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