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It was completely inevitable that a post like this was going to surface given how much of my spare time has been hanging out with these two over the past month. Affectionately known as The Twins, George and Charlotte, The Babies and other completely ridiculously names, they are possibly the nicest subject to photograph you can imagine and, considering they're only a few weeks old, are brilliant little posers (though there has been a massive collection of out-of-focus noses in the camera lens too).

It has been so much fun and rewarding watching two completely different little personalities develop – the boy tears over to greet you when you enter the room, the little girl is mostly too comfortable and lazy to get up; the little boy has the concentration span of a gnat, she wanders around in her own little world... and so many other funny little quirks and tendencies that I won’t bore you with as I’m aware I’m beginning to sound a bit obsessed.

So, here are a few pics of the world’s best stress-busters.


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