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You'd be forgiven for walking straight past the front door of this cosy Brixton-based salon, which I did at top speed only to do a comic rewind to peek in though its unassuming window. It’s all clean lines and minimal styling here: six seats, two back washes, walls lined with Bumble & Bumble products and a magazine rack stacked with edgy London titles like Pop and Love.

Ellie was put in charge of me and worked her magic to tame what had become a rather wild mane as we swapped tales of our cats’ strange behaviour. When my hair gets too long it becomes heavy, losing its natural wave as it’s weighed down. The layering also becomes a bit messy, but Ellie did a wonderful job shaping longer layers and generally slinkifying my shagginess.

Having worked on two Hair Guides during my time at Tatler, I discovered it’s a well-documented fact that hairdressers regularly come out at the top of job satisfaction polls. And it’s not hard to see why – cool offices, tunes on all day, high levels of people interaction and generally practicing a creative skill day in day out. Following my hour of pampering, the next customer into the chair was a little girl, and decidedly less enthusiastic about losing her bouncy blonde curls in a hurry. Before we knew it, we (hair stylist, PR Manager and me) found ourselves executing some bonkers performance to try and coax this three year-old into the chair, showing her my fresh new cut and telling her what a nice time I’d had. Although we only had her fooled for a few seconds, it was still a lovely example of what a warm atmosphere the salon had – and how no two days are ever the same. Job satisfaction gold.

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This post was made in collaboration with Myla & Davies.



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