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With the likes of Deliciously Ella, Honestly Healthy and sister act Hemsley + Hemsley leading the charge, the healthy eating phenomenon is booming. And with clean-living perks including sharper concentration, better sleep, glowing skin, happy hormones (the list goes on) it's no wonder it’s all the rage. Health junkies have made a hefty mark on the food scene, tarnishing the reputation of junk food and banishing the likes of Big Macs and ready meals to an undesirable greasy past. Where clothes once reigned supreme at the top of wish lists, NutriBullets and Spiralizers have muscled their way in as new London-girl essentials, even for those who are cack-handed in the kitchen.

The healthy eating game comes hand in hand with the yoga craze, and new kid on the block Lily Healthy – city girl-cum-nutritional health coach and yoga instructor – executes both with panache. Best of all she’s taught me how to recreate some of her juiciest smoothie recipes (and has pledged to help me when I’m wrestling with my new blender at home). And if yoga and smoothies weren’t enough of my favourite things in one place, Lily's sous-chef comes in the form of a very fluffy, very enthusiastic six-month-old puppy, a maltipoo called Rhubarb.

Easy to recreate yourself, Lily’s smoothies are delicious, good for you and highly Instagrammable. Here’s a traffic-stopping red, yellow and green we made – to see you through the last few winter weeks to the light at the end of the tunnel that is summer.

Smoothie 1 | Liver Cleansing Beetroot Smoothie

Ingredients to be chopped and blended together until smooth (tip: keep frozen, harder ingredients closest to the blade)

2 small raw beetroots

1 cup of mixed frozen berries (raspberries/strawberries/blueberries)

½ frozen banana

½ avocado

1 cup almond milk

Beetroot is rich in zinc and copper, both of which are vital for healthy skin, plus it’s packed with iron, which helps fight fatigue. Eating beetroot regularly helps cleanse the liver and it’s also loaded full of vitamins A and C. A pre-gym stamina booster.

Smoothie 2 | Energy-boosting Banana and Maca Smoothie

Ingredients to be chopped and blended together until smooth

1 frozen banana

1 big spoon of almond butter

1 teaspoon of Maca (Lily Healthy preference: Organic Burst)

1 cup almond milk

A few cubes of ice to make it extra cold

Lily Healthy says: ‘Maca, one of my favourite superfoods, is great for energy and can help support a healthy immune system, alleviate depression and anxiety and balance oestrogen and progesterone levels.’

Smoothie 3 | Green Hangover Smoothie

Ingredients to be chopped and blended together until smooth

½ banana – full of potassium to help soothe your stomach

½ avocado – makes smoothies extra creamy and is packed with antioxidants and potassium

½ cup blueberries – powerful antioxidants

Big handful of spinach – alkaline, so helps restore pH levels

Coconut water – helps restore electrolytes

1 tsp spirulina powder – supports and protects your liver and is full of antioxidants

Unfortunately I fell for Rhubarb’s fluffy-faced charm too easily. Sidling up to me

with a coy stretch, she made her move and my green juice quickly

fell victim to an excited puppy tongue.

She was soon forgiven...

This post was made in collaboration with Lily Healthy.


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