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Having fallen in love with so many young up-and-coming jewellery brands recently – scouted out at flea markets in Brooklyn, New York's East Village boutiques and London Fashion Week amongst other places – stacks of delicate mix-metal jewellery have become regular fixtures when I'm getting dressed in the morning.

Fashion Week details had a tendency to go as follows: Daisy Knights chains draped around my neck (a trio comprising skull, shark and love heart) with a smattering of Theodora Warre and New York brands Sofia Ramsay and Verameat, paired with Epokhe sunnies. Coco Chanel's famous mantra 'When accessorising, always take off the last thing you put on,' has been ringing in my ears most mornings recently, and thank goodness or I might be really over-doing it. It's fair to say the accessories side of things was well and truly covered.

Having said that, I'm looking to beef up the clutch department – please do drop me a note on my contact page if you have any pearls of wisdom...

Necklaces x 3 | Daisy Knights

Sunglasses | Epokhe

Shark Ring | Daisy Knights

Feather Ring & Gold Screw Ring | Verameat

Evil Eye Earring (worn as ring) | Theodora Warre

Feather Ear Cuff | Daisy Knights

Neon Bracelets | Sofia Ramsay

Silver Figure of 8 Ring | A market in Mexico

Silver Enamel Heart Ring | A 21st present – source unknown!



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