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I actually put this edit together before our Cornish getaway but in all the travelling excitement plus a milestone birthday and a raucous mid-week party at Chiswick Firestation (where I was spoilt with flowers, treasures which I'll be sharing soon and a ginormous birthday cake) I failed to get it live. Life took over and I feel all the more refreshed, if not a little tired, coming back to my laptop after a short break. We stayed in two incredible but very different places in Cornwall, plus shot an exciting fashion collaboration, which I will be sharing on the blog shortly – watch this space.

Back to dresses – I've scoured the internet and here is a rundown of 25 no less that I can't wait to get my hands on (or have already). It features the ones that would be unacceptably skimpy except anything goes on the beach. The ones that have more material than I know what to do with. The ones that are wedding-worthy and the ones that are day-to-day brilliant.

Summer is the perfect, free-spirited and carefree time to give your usual style the day – or week – off and embrace something a little different. Time to stock up for the impending sunshine...

Dresses pictured by Beulah London. Images by Nick Howard-Lanes.


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