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Recently, a number of bloggers have been shining a light on the reality behind 'perfect' Instagram feeds. And rightly so.

The importance of emphasising that this is purely a highlights reel is implicit. We know deep down no one lives the high life 24/7 (and where's the satisfaction in that anyway?), yet somehow we're still deceived time and time again – even I (despite doing this for a living so really should know better) can be fooled by other bloggers (who are even friends) supposedly living it up. It's not real – the job is to make it appear that way and of course there are perks, but aren't there in any job? The blog posts and Instagram feeds are carefully curated and are a tiny fraction of it. It wouldn't be very entertaining to share most of the reality – e.g. chasing invoices (no monthly pay-cheque), working weekends and weird hours, small-print contracts to not get caught out on but no one to ask, strange and personal questions from people about what you do and how much you earn, mind-muddling conversations with accountants or the slightly unnerving feeling of regularly walking into rooms full of people where you don't know a soul. We all go through ups and downs in our jobs and this is no different.

I will probably touch on this more in time when I'm feeling a bit braver but, for now, rest assured that Instagram feeds are made up of images documenting split seconds in time – not the life people live around the clock. There are real people behind the smoke and mirrors who experience lousy days just as much as the next person, navigating the tumultuous daily grind which can have you riding on the crest of a wave one minute and feeling rock bottom the very same day. We're all figuring things out as we go, and supporting each other in riding out these choppy waters has never been more important.

This morning I woke up to radio headlines addressing the negative health impact social media can have and suggesting measures that could be taken, suggesting there's never been a better time to be honest. Read more in the BBC's story here


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