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I haven't done one of these posts for an eternity, but am planning to re-introduce them in a more regular manner... after all, who doesn't love a little nose?

Above image (clockwise from top left)

Personalised notecards | Atlas & I (also featured below) The personal touch never fails to raise a little inner excitement in me. This clever company prints bespoke stationery featuring a vintage map of your hood

Notebook | Kikki.K Self-confessed stationery obsessive, Kikki.K's line-up has the power to make you want to spend time on organisation

Room spray | Diptyque Crucial if you live – and cook – in a small flat to rid the smell of curry/steak/dog food

Lingerie | Bare London Because having lingerie that looks like this in your smalls drawer is a no brainer

Watch | Cath Kidston via Watch Shop | Rose-gold strap. Tick. Large circular face. Tick. Birds of Paradise. Tick.

Cook for Syria This brilliant book has been put together by founder of Suitcase magazine Serena Guen. I featured it on my Christmas gift guide and my wishes were answered thanks to my sister Polly (I think it was actually a present for Olly but we're sharing)

Earrings | Whistles (also featured below) Whistles hadn't registered with me as a place for magpies to flock to but, sure enough, it is. Scouring the website has made me realise I want virtually everything on there

All lying on:

Scroll down for more...

Baby pink three examples above by way of Cos (jumper in watch image), Topshop and

Massimo Dutti

Phone Cover | Tinkalink Choose your case, skin and charms to make your own one-of-a-kind phone cover. I couldn't decide between a celestial or animal theme so opted for a strange mix of both and now proudly parade around with a star, an elephant, a moon and a turtle on the back of my phone

Until April Favourites time...


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