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I'm enjoying seeing that, for summer, flares have moved onto sleeves. Kit and Ace has nailed it with this classic-with-a-twist crisp white shirt. Classic with multiple twists actually, thanks to its bell sleeves, half buttoning and asymmetric back.

And while there are no happier bedfellows that white shirts and denim, sometimes there's a call for something different. Anyone else find jeans are quick to lose their appeal after winter months living in them day in day out? And so I find a collection of billowing shorts accumulating at home. Basically my beloved culottes with a foot hacked off the bottom. While they're probably a bit short for London life, July and August is definitely a time to get away with it. Plus, keeping things smart and fresh with this starchy, long-sleeved top half helps rewrite the short shorts rules.

Shirt | Kit and Ace

Shorts | H&M

Shoes | Tom's

Sunglasses | Bailey Nelson



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