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MINC BEAUTY | This is all about manis-on-the-move. The main USP of Minc is these guys come to you – a godsend for the time-poor. Manis and pedis are both water-free, something I've been hearing more about recently for reasons including minimising swelling of nails, limiting infection and water preservation. There aren't many things I love more than a foot massage and this one was sublime.

Staying put also minimises risk of post-varnish smudging – though I had a hairy incident as I showed out my lovely beauty therapist Caitlin when Luna suddenly took an unexpected shine to one of my pedi flip-flops...

BOBBI BROWN FACE TONIC | Not yet mine but now on my wishlist after bridal make-up trials a couple of weeks ago. I haven't incorporated a toner into my beauty regime before, but this doused my skin in much-needed hydration coming out of the winter months.

AERIN | Spring is set to smell good thanks to Mediterranean Honeysuckle, a light fragrance featuring pink grapefruit and bergamot created by Estée Lauder's granddaughter Aerin. I was introduced to the scent by uni friend and fellow blogger Lucy (Fashion Me Now) at a recent lunch at Petersham Nurseries.

JO LOVES CANDLE | In an era where Diptyque is stealing the show, other brands are falling by the wayside. I've had this Jo Loves one stashed for a while – Jo Loves is the brainchild of Jo Malone, which she started after selling Jo Malone – and it has filled the flat with the most divine scent. While I'm certainly a Diptyque lover, Jo's is a welcome addition.

BEAN BURST COFFEE SCRUB | Rarely do I see instant results with skincare products, but this coffee scrub made me look well again while recovering from a cold that had my eyes swollen and streaming non-stop for two and a half days. And now, true to form with coffee, I'm a little bit addicted.

LONDON GRACE | London Grace threw open the doors of its first nail spa in Putney a year ago and the new digs in Clapham opened two weeks ago. With emphasis on social beauty – you can even pop in for a coffee or cocktail without having a treatment – Clapham High Street's new haven is a mix of New York-style exposed brick, and white surfaced-Scandi minimalism. They've thought of everything right down to straws for drinks to avoid smudgy nails.

Do let me know if you have any recommendations. I'm in the market for a new eye cream – drop me a message in the Contact section if you have any suggestions!



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