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A couple of bleary-eyed, on-the-way-to-work shots somehow turned into something post-worthy thanks to the technicolour backdrops of Portobello injecting a much-needed lift into a grey Hump Day. And, with Seventies spirit still alive and well, I wore a variation of this to London Fashion Week over the weekend subbing a silk shirt with neck-tie in place on the polo neck and, thanks to a slight lift in temperature, ditching the coat in favour of a lightweight fringed jacket (more to come on this).

I can't resist a hat (something to do with my name?) and there's no faster way to pull an outfit together, so I'm thrilled to see the return of the baker boy cap to add to the fedora/beanie rotation. Strokably soft moleskin flares by MiH have earned themselves a place in my currently rather small storage space in the flat, thanks to being obscenely comfortable with a flattering cut. Plus, sometimes it's fun to have something less sensible and a bit more... bell bottom.

Flares | MiH Jeans

Coat | Great Plains

Hat | Vintage

Polo Neck | Uniqlo

Bag | Coach


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