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It wasn't a conscious effort to channel the trouser-wearing teddy bear (a quick Google has just told me Rupert is approaching his 100th birthday! One to add to your list in a couple of years Your Maj), but as it turns out he was the perfect muse for a cosy long weekend in the Scottish Borders. We've just returned back from a heavenly stay in a newly opened barn conversion – watch this space for my review...

So the trousers: Massimo Dutti has long been a favourite since I discovered it in Rome with my mum many years ago. I know its in England but for some reason that was the first time we set foot in it. It instantly became my go-to for treat purchases (outside sample sale shopping) when building on my Condé Nast wardrobe. The tailoring is so good and the people who work there always so well mannered – even when I had something come unstitched at the seams I took it back and it was replaced quickly without question. This isn't sponsored, I just thought it was worth a mention.

And what better than a pair of geography teacher/golfer slacks for tapping into a little British eccentricity and old world heritage. Hats off to Rupert for getting it so right 98 years ago.


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