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Yesterday I received the most exciting parcel I've had in months. A teeny tiny thought-there-may-be-nothing-inside-it-at-one-point package hiding in amongst the bills and junk mail of a letterbox shared with four other flats. Opening it felt like Christmas – inside was a bespoke silver ring and a note that made me feel like I'd just received a glowing school report; 'What can we say, it's a stunner!'

This skinny silver band sent to me, perfectly sized to my right index finger, was my creation from a workshop I attended a few weeks ago with around fifteen other bloggers hosted by Chandon, The Workbench and One Roof Social; this was an afternoon drinking Chandon cocktails, gorging ourselves on countless cupcakes (unfortunately the photographer has busted me with empty wrappers next to me which I'm not sure is a great look) and becoming wannabe jewellers. We beavered away at our desks in true back-to-school fashion, thimbled thumbs scrupulously chiselling out moulds we hoped would eventually resemble rings. I may not have been that bold with my design but I couldn't be more pleased with the result. I've been looking for a replacement ring for that particular finger since I shut it in a door a couple of years ago, mangling a former loved piece that I'd picked up in Brooklyn (finger survived, ring didn't).

We had a fab gang including Pips Taylor, Zoe from Dress Like a Mum, Poppy Loves, Lauren from Girl Stole London, Lindsey from Ropes of Holland and One Roof Social head honcho Anna. And there were some great pictures by Harleymoon Kemp – have a little scroll.

My dream team table: Pips, Zoe of Dress like a Mum and Poppy Loves

And where's the picture of your ring I hear you cry? I've been a mug and left it in the countryside. I've been in six different places the last six weekends – there was bound to be a casualty along the way. But I'll be getting my hands on it again this weekend and will be posting it on social for you to admire my handiwork...

Thank you to One Roof Social, The Workbench and Chandon for having me.

Images by Harleymoon Kemp


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