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There's no escaping velvet this year, and really, why would you want to? Let's face it, it's absolutely made for festive season dressing and right now I'm hankering after anything and everything swathed in the glamorous sheen – with a particular penchant for all things burgundy and midnight blue. Here's a little rundown of some of the gems that have caught my eye this month.

Kalamarie Handbags (above)

Strokably gorgeous, this burgundy baby is the perfect companion for night owls. The guy in the background isn't actually velvet but is still one of my favourite bags to date. Kalamarie have a really interesting collection worth checking out. An ideal winter wedding clutch equivalent.

Zadig & Voltaire Velvet Blazer

That midnight blue I've been lusting after... Most things Zadig & Voltaire are welcome in my wardrobe, and this in particular harnesses a clever ability to dress up and pull together the simplest jeans-and-Tshirt ensembles. Teamed with loafers, a choker... and that bag is back again.

Velvet Wide Leg Trousers

I didn't actually manage to get a good pic of the trousers here, as I was shooting the choker for another project, but I still thought I'd add them to the mix for that wonderful chocolate shade. They're super wide legged if you're wondering.

Handbags (top) | Kalamarie

Velvet Jacket | Zadig et Voltaire

Shoes | Topshop

Shirt | Zara

Trousers | Lee Jeans

Choker | Johnny Loves Rosie


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