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If you're going to tackle one trend this summer, let it be baring your shoulders. While off-the-shoulder tops were already a fully fledged staple for many last year, they're back with a vengeance this summer and can be chucked on with just about anything in place of regular slouchy T-shirts (still a great love of mine). I was a sucker for these pinstripes, but there is an abundance of pretty offerings lining the high street store rails. Plump for one with spaghetti straps to minimise slippage. Here are a few options that caught my eye.

And in the name of summer calling, I finally found the nerve to hack a generous few inches off the bottom of these jeans too. Since I'm a wimp in the cold, I had reservations that the shorter length would make them quickly redundant when winter rolls round again, but I've been reaching for them so much more than before that it was definitely worth it. May might have been unpredictable weather wise, but the smell of freshly cut grass teamed with tumbling wisteria and spring's insatiable appetite to push everything into growth mode is a sight that never fails to excite. Get ready for summer...

Top | Miss Selfridge

Jeans | Lee (customised by me)

Bag | Alexandra de Curtis

Sunglasses | Bailey Nelson

High Tops | Converse



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