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Shooting straight to the top of my things-to-make-you-love-London list is yoga at the top of the Shard. By night. If you're feeling battered and jaded by the daily grind, this is sure to elevate spirits – and the perfect way to be a tourist in your own city. This isn't the first time I've had the pleasure of gazing out across the soaring cityscapes whilst steadying a dancer's pose – I headed up to the dizzy heights of the 69th floor at the crack of dawn last summer where we stretched and meditated surrounded by a wall of blue sky. But while winter lacks the blue skies we were blessed with last August, the newly launched Shard of Light night classes are pretty awesome (equally they're a good option if you don't like early mornings). Akin to our trip to the top of the Rockefeller, the nightime view accentuated the modern side to London. The Shard's pinnacle, perfectly poised between the city and stars, feels like a strangely calming place to be where the noisy streets can't reach you. Ommmmm...

T-Shirt | Fabletics (great yoga gear but watch out for their sneaky introductory offer!)

Leggings | Adidas

Thank you for having me Vita Coco.



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