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If you follow me on Instagram you may have clocked that I crave certain beauty therapies at this time of year. Hand creams, lip balms, face oils... all the hydrators are key.

My first rule of on-the-go beauty survival is not carrying too much, hence all the mini-ness above. Though striking the balance between being stranded without the all-important essentials versus crippling your shoulder as a result of lugging around the entire contents of your bathroom is no mean feat.

Here are some of those crucial must-haves I had on me during show season.

Vita Coco Coconut Water | I'm that person who has a pint of water by my bed at night. Call me a weirdo but water really is my favourite drink. I drink gallons of it. Obviously carrying gallons around with me is not an option. The solution? Coconut water. More hydrating than water since it contains naturally occurring potassium and electrolytes, it's my go-to after one too many drinks the night before when my body is screaming out for hydration replenishment. Perfecting for hotfooting it around town during LFW too then.

Elizabeth Arden Hand Cream | A trusty friend never far away. I generously slather this on in a bid to battle cold weather and hard city water.

Dior Skin Star | After applying this for the first time about a year and a half ago I had a eureka moment where I suddenly thought I'd never understood the power of makeup before. Skin Star is so straightforward to wear - no streaks or orangeness in sight - and it gives skin such an easy, natural lift. Since the price point is high I'll be a little freaked out when I'm faced with the dilemma of replacing it or continuing life without it.

Bobbi Brown 'Be Pretty' Blusher | 'Be Pretty' blusher piling on the pressure when I'm probably feeling my least attractive, sun-starved verision of myself (that's February for you). Luckily the point is to disguise the grey skin with a rosy lift.

Vita Coco Coconut Oil | This may look like a small, unassuming little tub of coconut oil, but the reality is there's nothing this guy can't do. Keeping cracked cuticles at bay, makeup remover, feeding thirsty hair, whitening teeth. A multi-purpose skin saviour (as well as being pretty handy in the kitchen too).

Chanel Eye Shadow | Pretty with a slick of mascara. I've recently finished a purple verison (sounds a bit rough but turned out to be great, especially around Christmas) and I have now plumped for a muted brown for heading into the warmer months.

Vita Coco Café | I may have created this post in collaboration with Vita Coco but I assure you this is honestly one of the most drinkable drinks ever. I'm a little bit addicted. Annoyingly Olly is too and I've noticed my stash going down quite fast recently. It contains a shot of espresso, Vita Coco Coconut Water and milk, offering the much-needed coffee kick I look for at around 11am each day.

Kiehl's Face Oil | More an end-of-the-day therapy (I've been crashing with friends all over the place so try to have a few bedtime essentials with me too).

Bag | Kate Spade New York

Silk Scarf | Marchmont Hunter

This post was created in collaboration with Vita Coco.


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