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Plenty of sleep and staying warm are probably top of my winter survival list. And fighting the eternal battle with central heating and bitter winds in an attempt to keep my skin in some kind of reasonable shape follows pretty closely after. A few little luxuries never go a miss for elevating spirits in the most depressing month of the year. Here are three of the best I've been turning to throughout January and February.

Hand Lotion, Diptyque

While I am usually squeezing out the remains of a pathetically small tube found at the bottom of various handbags, this thumping great Diptyque tub sits in pride of place on my bedside table, ready to be slathered on pre-bed.

Pillow Spray, This Works

I was completely mugged off by Olly for buying into this but I'd had such a bad night sleep the night before I was prepared to try anything. I don't operate well/at all without a good night's sleep and there are definitely ways to help this. If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I've been in different beds a lot this month (not in a hussy kind of way, to-ing and fro-ing between Charlton, Notting Hill and Sussex) and my eye-mask, ear plugs — and now pillow spray — are never far away.

Cashmere Hotwater Bottle, Pure Collection

The title says it all. Since I was given this super-soft hottie for Christmas, it has spent most nights in the bed or, the few days I've been working from home, up my jumper. The only problem I'm having is deciding whether to designate it to my feet or tummy.



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