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Yesterday, in preparation for a day of appointment-hopping, Luna and I darted across to Charlton Park for an early morning walk beneath soaring blue skies and chirping parakeets. And, with it still being so mild, it felt far from a November day in London. It’s hard to believe that was only 24 hours ago and aforementioned cloudless blue has been replaced with the more typical grey we come to expect at this time of year. On a day like today when I’m holed up on the sofa in slouchy clothes as I write this, it seems like an ideal time to revisit the secret pockets we fell in love with in Mykonos.


One day we set off on our quad bike in hunt of a hippy beach bar with giant multi-coloured cushions that we'd spotted in a guide book. We found Alemagou instead and we're so glad we did. Quickly settling on the deserted sandy shores we clocked up hours of book time, punctuated by the occassional drink or snack order. Local groups of friends came and went and we didn't hear another English-speaking person. It was probably the furthest removed from real life we felt all week.

Alemagou Beach Bar


Scorpios flung open its bohemian doors earlier this year and has become a well-documented Mykonian hotspot. With squishy double beds lining the shore, a cushion-scattered lounge area with the biggest sofas we’ve ever seen, a labyrinth of winding walkways and snaking paths and yawning seascapes, it’s not hard to see why. (More photos here.)

Scorpios, Mykonos


Our hotel Casa del Mar had its own private beach huddled in a cove well-protected from island winds and quickly became our safe haven. On slower mornings we’d wander down and pick out our favourite sunbeds – close enough to the sea to have the tide gently lapping beneath them – and flop.

Casa del Mar


I’ve also included a photo of the mouth-wateringly delicious sushi we tucked into at the newly-opened (and first on a beach front) Buddha Bar. Because it was too good to forget.

Buddha Bar at Santa Marina Resort


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