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Because who doesn’t love a nose in someone else’s make-up and wash bag? Here are a few of the hero products I’ve been turning to this summer. I’m forever on the hunt for failsafe go-tos, and products that require as little time and effort as possible are a big tick in my book. Here’s a rundown of what’s currently sitting in pride of place on my dressing table or nestled in the trusty basket on my bedside table, ready for low-maintenance, pre-bedtime beautifying (with a little colour co-ordinating to steer you in the right direction on the photo).

Phil Smith Sea Salt Spray (pink) | Late to the party with this one but can’t believe the wonders of salt spray. I tend to be quite wash-and-go with my hair and this only adds about 4 more seconds to my routine.

Bobbi Brown Lipstick (black packaging) | A present from a Beauty Editor friend (I’m always excited about what she has to recommend). It’s such a pretty, easy colour and has fast become the one and only product continually stuffed into my clutch for summer weddings.

Vichy BB Ideal Soleil (orange) | I’ve always been a suncream bore so when Glamour asked me to help them promote Vichy’s Ideal Soleil face suncreams in their June issue I leapt at the opportunity. Theses sink in quickly and this particular one contains BB cream.

Creme de la Mer Moisturiser (white) | As good as everyone says it is and smells amazing. A complete treat.

Pevonia Saltmousse (orange in white packaging) | I was recently sent this and it is a JOY to use; the pineapple-papaya infusions fill the room as soon as the lid is off. Just a little bit satisfyingly itches and removes dull, dry skin and keeps cracked heels at bay. Eco-friendly, natural skincare in super luxe show-it-off-in-your-guest-bathroom (if only) packaging.

Aveda Exfoliator (green) | I’m using this twice a week on my face to remedy all of the aforementioned dull, dry skin niggles.

Jurlique Rose Body Oil (brown) & Clarins Body Oil (yellow) | Post exfoliator, I'm slathering these all over my legs in a bid to see the back of dry shins. I love the idea of it seeping into my skin rather than quick-fix moisturisers that often sit on the surface. If anyone has any face oil recommendations I’m keen to know about them. Hop over to my Contact page and drop me an email – I’d love to hear from you!



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