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I’ve always had an extremely soft spot when it comes to animals. And spring is well and truly baby animal time.

In light of a recent day at Plumpton Races over Easter, a visit to see a friend's two-week old foal (baby to mighty racehorse Western Pearl) and a trip to a farm in London on a weekend when I was craving some fluffy time, I thought I'd post a few pictures of some of the friends we made along the way. The aforementioned farm in Vauxhall we visited takes in animals that have lost their homes or need rescuing (rescue animals are my Achilles heel). They charge no entrance fee – just request a small donation if you choose to take some time in the petting pen. I realise this is definitely something for children rather than me but I couldn't help myself, not least to meet their new woolly friends, the aptly named Meryl Sheep and Larry Lamb. One keeper told us they were feeding cat biscuits to their newest addition to the farm, a Pygmy hedgehog, because other food was too expensive. So if you have a spare pound of two, I'm sure it would be very welcome at this sweet little sanctuary.

Despite resistance from both flatmates and Olly – and in fact it has been the case with every flatmate I've ever lived with – it's only a matter of time before I'm adopting some sort of fluffy thing of my own.

Coat | Topshop

Jumper | Edina Ronay

Trainers | Nike Airforce

Scarf | viaClouds

Jeans | Uniqlo

Sunglasses | Brooklyn Market

Coat | Charity Shop

Jumper | Gap



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