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Beet soup we made, recipe by Deliciously Ella

It was a task I took on unintentionally, but when I heard about Meat Free Week on Monday afternoon last week – and realised I hadn’t yet eaten meat that day – I decided I was up for the challenge. Having launched in Australia in 2013 (2015 is its first year in the UK), Meat Free Week is still a relatively new concept, which aims to get people thinking about how much meat they eat, the impact eating too much has on health, and shows support for ethical and sustainable farming practices.

With Olly and I both being quite carnivorous in our diet – ordering a veggie option in a restaurant is something I’m not sure either of us has ever done – it was going to be interesting. Sometimes it’s hard to get inspired come supper time even with a choice of everything. And it wasn't without its challenges. I had to steer clear of some obscenely tasty looking lamb koftas at a mezze lunch on a day out in Stockbridge with Hero (more to come on this); before a gig on Friday I felt slightly awkward requesting risotto without the bacon in a pub (pubs aren’t hugely veggie-friendly terrain); and it was alarmingly easy for the task at hand to slip my mind whilst grabbing on-the-go Pret sandwiches on a couple of occasions.

But it really opened my eyes to other things I could be eating and ended up being one of those challenges you feel you might be able to keep going with even once it’s over. Although Olly only participated the times he ate with me, we've decided we might still keep it a once-a-week thing.

Below are favourite recipes I tried, that are definitely worth giving a go:

The spicy tamarind sauce was what made this so delicious – we didn't have maple syrup but after a quick Google found out honey was just as good to use instead. I adore noodles – these were a bit on the pricey side but really easy to digest – crucial in the evenings. One we swore we'd do again.

Deliciously Ella | Roasted Beet and Potato Soup

You might have already noticed I'm a huge beet fan (see Beet jumper) (see previous collaboration with Lily Healthy). This recipe was quite easy (and if I'm saying that it's probably VERY easy) and had amazing spicy flavours.

Quinoa Salad with Spring Vegetables & Herbs in a Citrus Dressing

No link for this one I'm afraid as it's in a book I was given for Christmas (Super Grains & Seeds by Amy Ruth Finegold), but this is what we're attempting this evening. We went through this book last night and virtually every page had our stomachs rumbling – it's perfect for big summer lunch ideas. I'll keep you posted on the results!



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