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While Christmas is well and truly over – even carols and songs seem to sound wrong once the 25th has passed – January looms ominously ahead. Along with the obvious bath/candles/committed duvet time that comes with battening down the hatches in this hibernation period, I thought I'd share a few ways I'm going to attempt to keep myself buoyant during the gloomiest month of the year. First up, Psycle (which doesn't bear much resemblance to the above picture I found via Pinterest, but I couldn't resist sharing).

Imagine a very dark nightclub crossed with a gym, lined with state-of-the-art exercise bikes (and flashing fluro lights overhead) and you're probably not far away from picturing Psycle. I first came across this new spinning-meets-dancing phenomenon to have swept London (the craze originally kicked off in The States) during a charity night with Coppafeel to raise money for breast cancer. The London outpost is a cool uber-modern base on Mortimer Street off Regent Street. Be prepared to leave your cynicism at the door and embrace. It goes a little something like this...

An army of cyclists click cleats into pedals (ask for help here to avoid fear of flailing legs when you're pumping so fast you feel you might take off) and spin to a beat-heavy soundtrack of R Kelly, Muse and Led Zeppelin mixed with a hefty dose of brand new music (some yet to even reach radio airwaves). And Pscyle doesn’t just focus on the legs. While you will be pedalling furiously for the 45-minute duration of the class, there's an element of arm activity that simultaneously takes place. Think stretches, choreography and even weight-lifting (prepare for the burn at this point!) – all in unison with your instructor, who is positioned in front of a full-wall mirror, so you can admire your moves in all their glory.

Even on non-fund-raising nights, you'll be pleased to hear Psycle is stuffed to the brim with indulgent luxe brands as reward post workout – expect ila face and body wash and body lotion, Bumble & Bumble seaweed (mild marine) shampoo and conditioner, ghd hair dryers and straighteners and fluffy white towels... It also stocks feel-good food and juice from Detox Kitchen and Imbibery London. At £20 a go it's not cheap, but is feel-good factor 10 and a guaranteed January mood-lifter.

Hoards of fluffy white towels wait in the wings post workout...

Grab a delicious Imbibery juice on the way out...

Then you can go home feeling guilt-free, hugely satisfied and

treat yourself to a large does of this.



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